About proWiss

Consulting Services for Researchers – qualified consulting in the higher education sector

Founded in 2003, proWiss is one of the first German enterprises to develop extra-university consulting and coaching concepts for students, doctoral candidates and researchers. proWiss offered support for successfully developing scientific papers and publications of any kind following the model of

“Academic Consulting” in Anglo-Saxon countries. proWiss has thus met a need in the German higher education system that has meanwhile been taken up in many places and institutionalized within universities, for example through writing workshops.

Global South – Global North – promoting unified global research

A growing network – mentoring and train-the-trainer programs by proWiss

In many countries of the Global South, the need for such consultancies and trainings is very high. Today more than ever our world needs science-based solutions, which must be developed through combined research activities of the Global South and the Global North. This can only be achieved through participation and cooperation.

We are committed to ensuring that students and scientists in countries of the Global South can considerably expand their knowledge in order to participate successfully in the international research landscape. Our advanced training courses take into account the respective scientific culture(s) and cover a broad range of topics such as scientific work in an international context, initiation of international research cooperation and raising research funds from international funders.

As university lecturers with many years of experience in university research and teaching, especially in the context of different scientific cultures, we have successfully applied our concepts in more than 20 countries of the Global South – for scientists from 50 countries on four continents.

One indicator of success that particularly pleases us is that numerous proWiss alumni have become multipliers themselves. And this not only in terms of content, but also in terms of our innovative teaching concepts. The proWiss mentoring system and intensive train-the-trainer events contribute significantly to this.

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