Individual consulting

Individual consulting – successful acquisition of third-party funding, international cooperation (e.g. formation of consortia), effective project planning and project implementation

Personalized assistance in applying for, planning, implementing and successfully completing research projects

proWiss offers individual, project-related consulting services. On-site, via Skype, Zoom, chat, telephone, e-mail or at proWiss in Cologne – whatever suits you best. In German, English, French or Spanish. Intensive and personal.

Individual consulting saves time and resources by allowing questions to be clarified directly and by providing immediate assistance.

For example, for optimising a grant proposal (an application for third-party funding): Such a grant proposal consulting takes the individual context of the applicant more intensively in to account than is possible in a workshop or webinar – including the time budget, professional and institutional backgrounds of the applicants, the processing status of the application and the requirements of the funding organisation. If a funding organisation has not yet been identified, proWiss will suggest suitable funding opportunities.

proWiss supports applicants in

Individual consulting is also helpful for successfully implementing projects

  • highlighting the central idea in the proposal text
  • elaborating the innovative potential and importance (urgency) of the proposed project
  • developing the proposal sections required by the funding organisation, including budget plan, work plan and schedule
  • plausibly presenting international cooperation: For numerous projects and funding programmes, e.g. of the EU, international cooperation is required where partners from European countries and from countries of the Global South form a consortium. The EU considers a convincing consortium composition to be one of the most important keys to success for an application.
  • submitting the application
  • project management – for optimally organised project coordination
  • scientific reporting – for a convincing and appropriate documentation of scientific achievements and results (research reports, audits, final reports, articles, white papers)

The aim of individual consulting: personalized assistance in applying for, planning, implementing and successfully completing the project.

  • Individuals: (hour à 45 min) 85,00 € incl. VAT.
  • Institutions, organisations: Offers and prices on request

These proWiss training formats support the success of the individual consulting

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