Webinars: live online trainings and workshops all over the world

The proWiss webinars are live online workshops of one or more days that make participants to work independently of location in a highly interactive learning environment having personal contact with each other as well as with the trainers. Activities of a face-to-face workshop – such as group work and presentations of results, are transferred into the virtual classroom. Practically oriented, highly interactive, personal.

The webinars are held in German, English, French or Spanish. Duration and content of a webinar are tailored to the requirements of clients and the needs of participants.

Webinars are a great alternative to in-house workshops – not only during the COVID 19 crisis.

Practically oriented trainings – exercising on own project idea

The proWiss webinars are designed as practically oriented trainings in which the participants immediately apply what they have learned by working on their own projects. The didactically sound proWiss lectures on the respective topics are highly interactive and ensure maximum learning success.

Peer-to-peer learning approach – mutual support is essential

One of our essential didactic methods is moderated collaborative learning (peer-to-peer): Participants work together and learn from each other – supported by the well-proven, target-oriented proWiss facilitation. In the virtual classroom, proWiss responds flexibly to the needs of the participants. Our strength lies in reacting immediately to gaps in knowledge and adapting the content during the webinar accordingly.

Customised webinars – taking into account the respective scientific culture

Each webinar is didactically and content-wise tailored to the specific requirements and needs and is taking the respective scientific culture into account.

The aim of each webinar: concrete learning results that the participants can easily implement in their own projects.

Edutainment – anything but boring

We love to combine education and entertainment – conveying complex issues in an entertaining and simple way that is easy to understand for the participants.

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These proWiss training formats support the learning success of the webinars

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